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  • The day the koyas present their awards


    August 27, 2019 is the most common day, but it is also an extraordinary day for us to remember forever, because today is the award day of keya, the awards are: w…

  • The "conversion" of low-speed electric vehicles needs to be discussed


    Low-speed electric vehicles are not only cheap, but also very popular. However, due to the awkward legal status of low-speed electric vehicles, in the case of tr…

  • Functional characteristics of electric vehicle controller


    Electric vehicle controller is used to control electric vehicle motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic components of electric ve…

  • Electric vehicle controller replacement considerations


    Electric vehicle controller replacement needs to pay attention to what matters?Note 1: the positive and negative poles of the power supply must be connected cor…

  • Traffic police warned: it is very dangerous for children to sit on electric bikes backwards


    During the winter months, many parents sit their children backwards behind electric bikes. It is not safe to see parents driving their children on electric vehic…

  • For the famous mountain traffic police thumb up!


    To build a new electric bike compulsory national standards "electric bicycle safety technical specifications" (GB17761-2018) in place, pays special att…

  • Shenzhen: electric bicycle running a red light is fined 500 yuan


    The amendment (draft) to the regulations on the punishment of road traffic safety violations in shenzhen special economic zone was submitted to the standing comm…

  • New national standard observation: how electric bicycles move


    China is the worlds largest producer and marketer of electric bicycles. After years of development, electric bicycles have gradually become an important means of…

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