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  • The day the koyas present their awards


    August 27, 2019 is the most common day, but it is also an extraordinary day for us to remember forever, because today is the award day of keya, the awards are: w…

  • Functional characteristics of electric vehicle controller


    Electric vehicle controller is used to control electric vehicle motor start, run, advance and retreat, speed, stop and other electronic components of electric ve…

  • Electric vehicle controller replacement considerations


    Electric vehicle controller replacement needs to pay attention to what matters?Note 1: the positive and negative poles of the power supply must be connected cor…

  • Traffic police warned: it is very dangerous for children to sit on electric bikes backwards


    During the winter months, many parents sit their children backwards behind electric bikes. It is not safe to see parents driving their children on electric vehic…

  • What are the requirements of electric vehicle controller and motor matching?


    The controller is regarded as the power source, the motor as the load, the motor as the actuator, and the controller needs to serve the motor. From the perspecti…

  • Aluminum alloy wheel rim electric vehicle steel wheel advantages


    Electric cars are the best driving tools at present, which can help people to drive fast and reach their destination in a short time. Compared with the automobil…

  • Measures for the implementation of rewards for key schools


    The implementation measures for rewarding the children of in-service employees who are admitted to key high schools/universitiesIn order to encourage employees c…

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