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    Traffic police warned: it is very dangerous for children to sit on electric bikes backwards
    Release time:2019-08-08 15:58:23      Hit count:43

    During the winter months, many parents sit their children backwards behind electric bikes. It is not safe to see parents driving their children on electric vehicles, with the children sitting upside down on the electric vehicles back-to-back with the driving parents. Ms. Xu, a resident, said: "the child sitting upside down will not blow the cold wind, there is nothing wrong with it." Whether there is any danger in carrying children like this, we interviewed the traffic police on this matter. "There is a big traffic risk because there is a place to put your feet behind the electric vehicle, which is designed for people who are sitting on the electric vehicle. If you sit upside down on the electric vehicle, the original place to put your feet is not appropriate. There is no place to put your feet. Here, remind the majority of parents friends, in order to safety, do not let the child sit back after the electric car

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